By giving to The Perse bursary fund, you will forever transform the life of a talented young person.

The bursary fund provides an excellent education to young people, whatever their background.

Some children are academically able, but their families cannot afford school fees. For these children, a bursary place is transformational. It means the chance to reach their full potential. Means-tested bursaries cover up to 100% of fees, as well as support with other school costs such as lunches and laptops. Pupils who receive bursaries at The Perse make hugely positive impacts in their communities. Thanks to your support, they become doctors, teachers, engineers, and more.

As well as entrance bursaries, the school provides hardship support. This means pupils are able to stay in school if their family face unexpected hardship, such as bereavement or illness.

To increase the bursary support we can provide, we need your help.

Investing in the future of young people is the best way to make the world a better place. It does not just transform their lives, but also benefits entire communities. Your support makes this possible.

How you can make a difference


per month could give a bursary recipient the opportunity  to take part in Perse Exploration Society trips.


could provide a term's lunches for a bursary recipient, ensuring they are given the nutrition they need to learn.


with five others doing the same, could provide a terms’ stability to a pupil following the death of a parent.

Bursary Stories

Hear how Perse bursaries have changed the lives of young people.

The bursary meant I didn't have to leave the school at a critical time in my education, and I was able to develop a proper relationship with a school. Five years was the longest I'd spent at any school! I studied Pharmacy at the University of Birmingham. Without the School's massive assistance, I don't think I'd have been able to achieve these grades, and therefore wouldn't have been able to set myself such great goals for my years in higher education. I'll be forever grateful for the support The Perse provided me with, and will grasp every opportunity to give back.

- Midé Adenaike, OP (2013)

 For me, the Perse Bursary Scheme is all about giving children choice. Because I received a bursary, I was given the opportunity to play rugby, hockey, cricket and basketball, to learn classical guitar to a high level, and to flourish academically in my favourite subjects. The benefit of receiving a bursary to The Perse is that it opens up all forms of opportunities. My bursary allowed me to develop into the individual of my choosing.

- Tom, OP (2017)