By supporting our outreach work, you are extending a Perse education to children beyond the school's gates.

The Perse collaborates with state-maintained schools to give pupils fantastic enrichment and learning opportunities.

The Perse has developed relationships with a number of state-maintained schools, both locally and further afield. This enables us to share our expertise, support and experience where it can make the greatest impact.

We work with staff in our partner schools to identify how we can help. Some pupils in these schools don't have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument, or have experiences in a laboratory. The Perse outreach programme changes that. Perse staff and pupils work with our partner schools on music, computing, maths and more.

Bursaries help a few young people in a huge way. Outreach activities help more young people in smaller, but just as important ways. Your support makes this possible.

How you can make a difference


could fund art materials for a primary school pupil taking part in an art history mentoring programme.


could pay for hockey kit to ensure that every child at our Primary Hockey Club has the right equipment.


could pay for a year of music lessons for a year group at one of our primary partner schools.

Outreach Stories

See how your support makes a difference.

One on one supervision and mentoring is so valuable - there just isn’t the scope to do that in any other setting. There is so little time in primary school and here they have a full hour to really get stuck in. For pupils to be able to explore and love science and to love learning is such a wonderful thing.

 - Fen Ditton Primary School (Science Mentoring)

15 primary schools take part in our maths mentoring programme for Year 5 and 6 pupils

[The] sessions give scientifically curious pupils, who may not otherwise get opportunities to do science experiments in a laboratory setting, the chance to learn new things, and further develop an interest in science. I’ve really enjoyed being able to develop my communication and teaching skills, and inspire students from backgrounds similar to my own to continue pursuing their academic interests.

Amy, Upper Sixth Science Mentor

3,000 pupils from 200 schools take part in the annual Perse Coding Team Challenge

It gives them confidence and their conversation skills are opening up. They are exposed to language that they are not used to and their vocabulary is widened. They love it. If they know they are coming to these sessions, they will definitely come into school, which is not always the case. They also get a bond with a Perse pupil and individual attention that is rare in all schools.

- Colville Primary School (History of Art Mentoring)